Time For Some Techno Babble

Aaron: I am not sure if everyone knows this but apparently you need a camera (or two) to make a movie.  So, I have begun the process of figuring out the best one for The Young Invincibles. In the grand old days, film was shot on well … film. Then, the revolution came along that it was televised in digital! Digital film gave to the masses the ability to make an indie film cost effectively (i.e. cheaply). So, for us, digital is the way to go.  Psstt….don’t tell old school Hollywood but many big budget films are going digital. VIVA LE REVOLUTION!!!

So, the digital camera that has my crank turning right now are these new DLSR cameras. Specifically, the Cannon  EOS-1D Mark IV which just came out in Oct of ’09. It look like this.  Yes, it looks like a traditional photo camera.  And that’s because it is.  However, it also just happens to have video capacity which looks like this (seriously look at that link).  The picture quality is just insane.  It blows away everything else I have seen in digital.  Hell, Robert Rodriguez (the guy behind “Desperado” & “Spy Kids”)  just shot a music video with a DLSR camera.  So they are pretty sick.

So, here is the techno number side of these cameras.  It shoots in 1080 HD.  Also, it shoots in 24p (technically 23.976), unlike earlier models, which mean it can mirror the 24 frames per second of film. VERY SEXY INDEED.  Then, there is the other cool thing. It sees in low light spaces better than the naked human eye (I told you to watch that video link. It was all shot at night with available light!). That will do! That will do indeed. So, technically, shooting with this camera is more like shooting with old film cameras.  It has  a large single sensor (traditional digital cameras have 3 smaller censors, film camera have one big one), you have to record your sound separately (welcome back clap boards), and you get to shoot with a shallow depth of field (trust me this is a very good thing).   The shape is kind of weird for making a movie but you can add stuff like this to make it more movie making friendly.  Kinda cool.

Alright, that’s enough geeking out for now but trust me there will be more.  However, if you got questions, comments, or ideas about cameras please leave a comment or send me an email and I will get back to you.  And, don’t forget to subscribe so you can follow The Young Invincibles journey from this website to a theater near you.

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