Funding: Going Non-Profit

Michelle: As a child I loved the visual image of the term “seed money,”  watching a street performer plant a couple of his own dollars in a tip jar, hoping that his talent would persuade appreciative onlookers to nourish the money pot, making it flourish into bushel of green cash. Film makers have a vision of how a story should be shared with the masses, and seed money is the funding that is needed to begin making that kind of tangible, quality storytelling possible. In a previous post, Aaron mentioned that many burgeoning films struggle with finding initial funding. The Young Invincibles is Sarah and Aaron’s first foray into film making, a film we hope will in part bring awareness to the youth cancer survivor community. With any new project it is important to get solid advice from experienced sources, particularly in how to seek and obtain different kinds of funding and donations.

Enter: Fractured Atlas. A friend of Sarah’s recommended this organization after having worked with Fractured Atlas to get her NYC based theater company, Down Payment Productions, up and running. Fractured Atlas is a not for profit group that works with artists in all disciplines and types of projects to more efficiently manage their projects as a business. Accepted applicants are then fiscally sponsored,  gaining access to funding generally available only to non-profit organizations. Fractured Atlas also supports the arts community with a spectrum of resources, from networking and online education to liability insurance.

Through their fiscal sponsorship program, projects such as The Young Invincibles are able to receive benefits similar to non-profit groups. Therefore, it is my pleasure to announce that The Young Invincibles is now able to receive grants and tax-deductible contributions that will make this film a reality. Hooray!

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  1. Heidi O
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 17:42:11

    Congrats on your non-profit status.


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