About the Film

Every year, 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer. The Young Invincibles is a drama that looks into the lives of three young adults as they deal with sex, relationships and their jobs while facing the realities of cancer. For Whitney, dealing with a hectic day at work is compounded by the need to tell someone about her initial diagnosis. Elle, in the midst of treatment, looks for support from her boyfriend as she battles to get healthy. And, Travis, now in remission, sets out to reclaim the life he had before cancer. By the end of the day, each one learns that there is more to life than just survival. Click here to read the full Synopsis.


Directors’ Statement

We have a deep passion for this film and specific goals we plan to reach. Learn about what we hope to achieve and the principles guiding our way.

The Filmmakers

Want to learn more about the brains and talent behind The Young Invincibles? Check out the story behind the film and some of the highlights in our professional careers.

Cast & Crew

We are bringing in the most talented people we know to join The Young Invincibles team. And, we are adding to the list all the time so keep checking back for updates.

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