Directors’ Statement


The cinema is a major part of modern America culture. In 2009, Americans spent $28.4 billion viewing, renting, purchasing, and web streaming movies. With a theater in almost every town, most Americans are readily able to quote their favorite movie lines, proving that the cinema is heavily embedded in our culture. Therefore, movies are an ideal vehicle for exposing lesser-known subcultures to society at large. Using the easily consumed medium of film, The Young Invincibles will shed light on the growing issue of young adult cancer by entertaining and educating its audience. To this end, the filmmakers have four principles to guide the development of this project:

  • To provide identifiable and realistic images of young adults with cancer for those diagnosed with the disease. One of the leading social issues of young adults with cancer is the feeling that they are alone in this experience. The film will offer storylines that are similar to their own lives which will help alleviate this sense of isolation.
  • To expose those who are unaware of the prevalence of young adult cancer in America. Images of both elderly and very young cancer patients are quite common in today’s media. However, rarely do we see twenty and thirty year olds facing the disease. By creating an engaging film, we hope to correct this.
  • To help create a deeper understanding of the struggle with cancer that is specific to twenty and thirty year olds. Getting a date, finding a job, starting a family, and staking a claim in the world are all goals of young adults. However, when they are diagnosed with cancer, outsiders often forget that these desires remain. This film will look into how these young adults are living their lives while dealing with cancer.
  • To create a film that is an enjoyable, intelligent, and touching theatrical experience. Without first having a desirable medium for consumption, the message is often lost. The better the film, the more people will want to see it, resulting in more awareness of the issues faced by young adults with cancer. For this project, it is vital to make the highest quality and most entertaining film possible.

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