The Young Invincibles is the story of Whitney Tarr, Elle Fitzgerald and Travis Sweet, three young adults at different stages of cancer. Each story takes place in a different city in present day America and unfolds over the course of a day. Whitney, Elle and Travis do not know each other but their stories are interwoven with one another to tell the greater story of the young adult cancer experience.

(Los Angeles, California) Whitney is an Ohio native that moved to the city of angels to pursue her dream of producing movies. At 25 years old, she is a rising star at Go Big Pictures, an independent film production company, where she works as an assistant to the company’s president. When she is not working, which is rare, she is out having fun with her family away from home, her three best friends from college. Yesterday, Whitney’s world came crashing down around her when she learned she has breast cancer. She goes about her workday pretending everything is fine as she tries to find a way to tell her friends and family. Her mom’s busy schedule makes it difficult to find the right time to talk and she does not have the heart to interrupt her friends’ carefree lives. Ultimately, she forgoes a golden career opportunity so that she can host a dinner for her friends and break the news. That night, she finds the courage to reveal her diagnosis and begins to understand the depths of which her life is about to change.
(Outer Banks, North Carolina) Elle lives in a small beach community where she shares a cottage with her longtime boyfriend, Eric. At 28 years old, she thought she had her life figured out working as a graphic designer and hanging out with her friends and family. However, this all changed three months ago when she was diagnosed with stage 1b1 squamous cell cervical cancer. She had a radical trachelectomy to remove the cancer cells on her cervix and is currently undergoing chemoradiation treatment. Today, Elle is drowning in what has become her daily cancer routine. She spends her time arguing with her insurance company, trying to get some design work done, and going to treatment all while trying to fight off the side effects of the chemoradiation. The loving support she receives from her friends and family is in stark contrast to Eric’s inability to cope with the realities of her cancer. By the end of the day, Elle learns that the best chance for her survival is to put her needs above all else.

(New York, New York) Travis, a born and raised New Yorker, was a freelance fashion photographer who had a successful career by the time he was thirty years old. He had a life he loved with a great apartment, a career on the rise, and always a place to party. However, this all fell apart when, at age 31, he was diagnosed with stage 3b Hodgkins Lymphoma.

After six months of chemotherapy, he had a reoccurrence that required an autologous bone marrow transplant. Now, almost two years since his initial diagnosis, he is finally in remission but his life is in shambles. Travis finds himself living with his parents, out of work, and estranged from his friends. On this day, Travis reaches out to his former work colleagues and friends in an attempt to pick up where he left off two years ago. As the day unfolds, he quickly discovers that no one wants to hire a “hasbeen” and that his friends cannot see past his cancer. Ultimately, he must accept that the experience of having cancer has changed him, and he cannot go back to the life he had before.

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