Post Oscars Reflection

Sarah: Every year, for a day or two after the Academy Awards, I always feel a little melancholy. I don’t like competition in general and I hate the notion of pitting artists against each other to determine a winner. How can you judge which film is better when doing so is purely subjective? So, I make every effort to avoid watching the show. There is too much hoopla and superficial glitz and glam. And, don’t get me started about the nominees. Most of the time, only those films with tremendous financial backing tend to get nominated. This leaves out all those struggling artists, like myself, who don’t have deep pockets. So, money equals winning. I start to feel disillusioned about the film industry and what it is I love to do.

Yet, every year, as much as I try, I find myself tuning in to find out who won. It is a thrill to see how the winners will react when their names are called. And, I want to see what they will say in their acceptances speeches. Will they cry? Will they forget what to say and stand there shaking nervously? Oh, the pressure. It must be insane. And then, there are those rare instances when a winner is able to infuse their speech with emotion and humor and heart. Well, that’s brilliant, don’t you think? This year, I cheered for Sandra Bullock during her charming and heartfelt speech. And, I think she looked truly amazing in her dress and flawless makeup. And, then there was Kathryn Bigelow who won for Best Director and Best Feature. Being the first woman to win both awards is pretty amazing. It made me proud to be a woman. I wonder how she feels having beat her ex-husband, James Cameron, in both categories. I hope a little part of her relished it.

But, my favorite winner of the night had to be Michael Giacchino who won for Best Music (Original Score) for the film UP. In his acceptance speech, he encouraged those that want to do something creative to get out there and do it. He insisted that being creative is not a waste of time. At this once in a lifetime moment, Michael didn’t thank God or a long list of film executives. Rather, he took the opportunity to inspire others. Well, I’m a fan!

I guess the Oscars make me reflect on my own journey as an artist. The abyss standing between me and that red carpet is only exemplified as I watch all the designer dresses slink past the cameras while I sit like a couch potato in a pair of old sweats and a t-shirt. I’ll admit it, I imagine myself at the Academy Awards and I wonder what it will feel like to win one of those golden trophies. And, when that happens, Aaron and I will be angling to win for Best Director. We plan to be the first husband and wife team to win the award. And, what will we say in our acceptance speech? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out.